As one of the world’s leading advertising, communication and media groups, Dentsu Aegis Network has significant impacts through its supply chain. The DAN-wide CSR programme, known as Future Proof 2020, identifies our supply chain risks and provides a framework to manage those risks, opportunities, aspects and impacts appropriately. Future Proof 2020 is supported by a set of ambitious and public commitments.


We will achieve 100% compliance with our Supply Chain Charter Principles by 2020.


We have set 4 goals that all contribute to the overall 2020 target:

• Set a baseline for our supply chain volumes, emissions and social characteristics;

• Reduce the purchasing volume of our supply chain by 25% per person;

• Reduce the emissions associated with our supply chain by 25% per person;

• Increase the social responsibility of our supply chain by 25% per person;

• Maintain high ethical standards.


We use a range of metrics that measures our supply chain impacts.


• Economic: The financial investment and labour conditions in our supply chain

• Environmental: The greenhouse gas emissions associated with the work suppliers do for us.

• Fair business: The conditions used to partner with our suppliers and their engagement with us.

• Data protection & privacy: The measures put in place by our suppliers to protect data and privacy, especially when related to consumers.

• Community: The investment of our suppliers in the local community.

• Slavery: The steps our suppliers take to prevent and eradicate slavery, child labour and human trafficking.

This statement represents our general position on our supply chain, and the policies and practices we will apply in our business.


Our commitment is to:

• Continuously improve our supply chain performance and integrate recognised supply chain best practice into our operations;

• Measure our supply chain impacts to track our progress towards our target;

• Involve our suppliers and partners in order to leverage the positive impacts of our supply chain programme;

• Aim to work with either locally based (<25 miles), small-or medium-sized or minority-owned businesses, for an appropriate proportion of our supply chain, spread across all key services and products;

• Comply as a minimum with all relevant supply chain legislation and regulations including the Modern Slavery Act, the UK Bribery Act and all other applicable legislation;

• Undertake due diligence of our suppliers to ensure (i) they employ appropriate vendors (ii) all working and pay conditions are in accordance with applicable laws (iii) a suitable working environment is maintained (iv) no labour is provided against an individual’s wishes and (v) that suppliers conduct their business in an ethical manner, and are not involved in any bribery, kickbacks or provisions of gifts, favours or services to gain a competitive advantage.


Failure to comply with our policy will result in immediate termination of all current and future dealings with a supplier.


All suppliers will be required to maintain and file such documentation as required to demonstrate compliance with this policy and must make such documents available on request for inspection.