Global CSO, Sanjay Nazerali, on the key to genius content marketing #ThursdayThoughts

Redefining Media

Carat’s mission is to Redefine Media. Carat creates better business outcomes for clients through its command of media convergence. The world’s first media agency, Carat is part of Dentsu Aegis Network, the global communications network Innovating the Way Brands Are Built. Consistently at the top of RECMA’s Global Qualitative Evaluation ranking, Carat serves clients in 150 countries via a network of 10,000 talented staff.  For more information visit or follow @CaratGlobal.

Pimm's: Grab a Seat

Imagine walking out of a busy station looking for the ideal place to go for a drink. To help guide consumers and prime them for drinking Pimm’s, we created a new data stream from sensors installed in bars and pubs which understood, in real time, how many seats were available. The iBeacons fed data into a digital outdoor campaign which served dynamic, localised creative to help our thirsty consumers find a seat in a pub garden if it was sunny, or, if it was cloudy, a place inside where they could enjoy a Pimm’s.

Cadbury Picnic & Tinder: A Modern Love Story

One of life’s bravest acts is attempting to start a new relationship; one of life’s riskiest acts is attempting to do it on Tinder. The Cadbury Picnic ‘Pick Me’ campaign did both, reconnecting an old favourite with the next generation – millennials. To prove it’s what on the inside that counts, we partnered with Nova Entertainment to create Tinder’s first custom-built interactive video unit, reaching 43% of all Australian millennials.

Mastercard Capsule

Mastercard wanted to restore the real meaning of meeting with friends, so together with companies from Dentsu Aegis Network Poland (Carat Poland, Isobar Poland, Hypermedia and Posterscope), it launched a 30-day campaign, with over 900 people putting their phones into the Mastercard capsule. Totalling an impressive 1350 hours without them, on average, people spent more time in the restaurants, more money and even had more fun. Rediscovering the art of conversation really is priceless!