Connected Live – Your Invitation To The Never Before

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Johan van der Zanden

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Nate Shurilla

From East to West

Collaboration is humanity’s biggest advantage.  From teaming up to take down mammoths to millions working together in modern organizations, collaboration drives us forward.  Today, nowhere is this more apparent than in APAC where population explosions and dynamic modernisation have blossomed into unprecedented innovation.  Diverse new business models, voice technology adoption parallel to internet adoption, and richer digital connections are charting new courses in business success.

What can we learn from these new ways of working to ensure business success now and into the future?

Sanjay Azim Nazerali

Sanjay Nazerali is the global chief strategist at dentsu X, our group’s youngest agency.  In its first year of operating, dentsu X was named the world’s fastest growing agency and has just been nominated – fingers crossed, please – for EMEA agency of the year.  Before joining Dentsu in 2013, Sanjay was global CMO at BBC News and – back when he had hair – he ran Marketing for the newly launched MTV Europe.

Building Bridges

World leaders today face the challenge of building bridges in an era which is characterised by fragmentation.

Fragmentation between nations; fragmentation within populations; fragmentation in consumer and citizen trust.  In marketing, fragmentation between data and creativity; technology and humanity; privacy and relevance.

How can we build bridges to heal a fragmented world?  First, invest in relationships based on fair outcomes for all parties.  Second, think “wise” as well as “smart”.  Third, adopt new metrics which capture the reality of an interconnected planet.

How will the new decade affect marketing and advertising?

We’re in the midst of big economical, technological and demographical transformation, leading to changing consumer expectations, massive amounts of data and new regulatory frameworks.
What developments will shape the new decade? And how will it affect marketing and advertising? We can imagine you’re lost in transition. So, let’s navigate these exciting times together. This afternoon’s pioneering stories will ease you into new perspectives.

Take Asia. Marking Dentsu’s Japanese heritage, we’ll share the Eastern view on innovation. How do Asian companies pursue long term business growth? Meet top experts from Dentsu who will share their ideas and best practices. Going local, get to know how Albert Heijn has stayed ahead of their game for more than three decades. Join our Q&A with Johan van der Zanden (CMO).


13:00 Welcome and introductionDenis van Leeuwen           Chief Strategy Officer Dentsu Netherlands
14:45 What are the next big megashifts?Sanjay NazeraliGlobal Chief Strategy Officer Dentsu 
15:30 Asia versus EuropeNate Shurillla   Global Director of Commerce Voice 

16:30 Q&AJohan van der ZandenChief Marketing Officer Albert Heijn
17:15 Drinks

Please note that this is event is by invitation only. For more information please send an email to: