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We are the largest international network of media, marketing and communication agencies. We help clients build sustainable relationships with consumers. Integrated we work on the most innovative communication solutions.

How we're designed

How we're designed

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 Thanks to the intensive cooperation within our network of specialists, we are able to be the first to embrace changes and to use them for our customers.

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What is indispensable to be at the forefront of the digital economy? Our research gives you a head start.
What does it take to win in the digital economy? Our research reveals what’s now and what’s next.

Connected Magazine

Stories about: the importance of diversity in teams, how De Volksbank aims to be disruptive consistent, the impact trust has on the adoption of new technology, developments in voice search, inspirational outdoor, best cases for loyalty programs, the importance of corporate innovation and the role NowLab plays in this and of course cases about the best work you did in 2018 and the record amount of awards this resulted in. And much more. And, your very own colleagues will give you some mediatips, what to see, watch and read in 2019.