Remote working

Our employees are well equipped to work from home until at least the 20th of May. We don’t expect any service disruption. They are available by email and telephone. For general inquiries please contact +31 20 5191700 or via email:

How we're designed

How we're designed

Integrated collaboration with the best specialists

 Thanks to the intensive cooperation within our network of specialists, we are able to be the first to embrace changes and to use them for our customers.

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What is indispensable to be at the forefront of the digital economy? Our research gives you a head start.
What does it take to win in the digital economy? Our research reveals what’s now and what’s next.

How brands should talk, not just listen

In pursuit of personalisation, many brands have lost some of their power to shape consumer demand. And in trying to meet every individual need, they’ve often diluted their own identity. This short paper, developed in collaboration with Longitude (a Financial Times company) and drawing on interviews with industry experts, finds that many bold brands are now reasserting themselves, deepening consumer relationships across five key dimensions.

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