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DentsuBos launches surveillance operation in Toronto for the launch of "Snowden"

13 Sep 2016

To help launch the critically acclaimed Oliver Stone film, “Snowden”, DentsuBos and Elevation Pictures have deployed an eye-catching surveillance operation around Dundas Square, Canada’s busiest intersection.

The subject of precedent-setting controversy, Edward Snowden has been called a hero, a hacker, a whistleblower, a dissident, a patriot, and a traitor. His disclosures have fueled debates over mass surveillance, government secrecy, and the uneasy balance between personal privacy and national security.

His message? They’re watching you.And for two weeks in September, the unsuspecting citizens of Toronto will be the target of just that...being watched.

To bring this activation to life, DentsuBos and Elevation Pictures have set up surveillance cameras, equipped with motion tracking technology. Their mission is to track and follow pedestrians from afar while live streaming the footage onto one of the Square’s giant video boards. When the unsuspecting targets saw themselves on the big screen, their shocked reactions created all the drama needed to drive home the film’s point.

“What Snowden did was bring a terrifying question to light, “Who’s watching us? Where? When?” We wanted to show people what that means to them in a very real way,” mentioned Jon Freir, Vice President, Creative, DentsuBos.

“It was very interesting seeing people’s reactions. Some felt terrified, some even praised it as the creepiest thing ever. Funnily, almost all looked around to see if there were other cameras spying on them. Which in itself is very telling, added Freir."

DentsuBos worked closely with Cieslock Media to accomplish something that has not yet been attempted before and, through the process, often had to weigh the very same privacy questions and concerns that the film “Snowden” brings to light. It is a perfect marriage of message and medium. In addition to the Dundas Square activation, the film’s launch is being supported through online and digital channels.

The activation will be running until September 18th, 2016.

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