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7 December 2015, Sofia: There are six trends that will dominate the media market in the 4 to 5 years. What is happening in the world now would affect the advertising and media market. Innovations are the engine of every single organization – if we want to win we must develop them. This was the start of the presentation of Maria Grachnova, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Bulgaria at the forum "The future of media planning and advertising communications 3.0", organized by Bulgarian ENTERPRISE magazine.

Facebook had changed the media landscape forever, turning every single one of us into media. The most important lesson from FB is that it remained permanently in beta version – constantly changing as every one of us should. This is the most unique thing. Many people just stop to evolve once they reach a certain stage of development, this is wrong – we should constantly learn from each other and grow, says Grachnova.

In her words, changes in the next five years will be faster than in the last 15. Internet has conquered our environment to such extent that soon there will be no Internet of Things but an Internet of Everything. Now the business has two choices - disrupt or be disrupted. Brands collapse very quickly, there is no room for mistakes. And media is a crucial part of this transforming tech, data and content to reduce the distance between businesses and consumers. Innovations through media will become the tool that will give advertisers the competitive advantage they so eagerly strive for, she said.

Grachnova outlined six trends that will dominate the advertising and media market in the next years.

Mobile will become the dominant platform. We are expecting 5G to come – this means many times more information, delivered many times faster. "Mobile is the seventh mass media. We cannot capitalize on our investment in any product without a good mobile strategy. Consumer perception is very important - about 80 to 99% of adults go to a competitor’s site after bad mobile experience”, Grachnova said.

Video will be the dominant mode. This is the fastest growing advertising format. According to CISCO video will be 79% of global consumer web traffic in 2018, up from 66% in 2013. And there is a very simple reason for this trend - if you can see and hear something – this will affect you much stronger, on emotional level; the perception is different. According to Maria Grachnova however, the video should be served to the right people, with the right length format, at the right time if we want this to work at full potential. The video became so popular because it is no longer hard to make it, it is convenient and affordable. Anyone can create a video.

Content will become the dominant vehicle of advertisers. We cannot work any longer in linear manner – traditional publicity interrupts instead of offering something valuable and tends to be expensive especially if the campaigns are not successful. Content on the other hand does not interrupt – it gives valuable information by selling knowledge and expertise, educating clients so they can consider buying in the future. While traditional Marketing aims to sell a product the Content Marketing sells the idea of a product and it works because we serve our messages delicately, make our consumers care, intrigue them, Grachnova added.

Programmatic will soon become the dominant way of buying. Because it helps ad buyers to find the right audience at the right price at the right time delivering them the right message. She quoted the famous words of Richard Tso that programmatic is doing for the ad world what the automated assembly line did for the automobile manufacturing industry. Programmatic trade desk provides us with an unprecedented power leveraging rich consumer behaviour data (which you never had before) to guide marketing strategies in personalised ways that offer a much greater chance of advertising campaign success. And what is more important especially with Amnet – this data belongs only to the advertiser and cannot be used for the benefit of his competitors for example.

Data analysis will dominate the decision making process. Mobile operators, for example, they have so strong CRM potential to use the information they receive from every single client, but they do not leverage on it, Maria explained. Data is the basis of any given strategy and that is why Dentsu Aegis Network is constantly investing in their proprietary consumer insight study – CCS – collecting each year about 300,000 statements from around the world. It delivers the answers to the most important question every strategy is based on "How to understand the consumer and his attitudes?" Answering it we can build our ideas, strategic and innovative proposals around these perceptions and attitudes to enable them to match the user's profile. 

Full eco-system planning will be the dominant process. Media can no longer be divided into offline and online. Even the model of bought, owned and earned will be disrupted in the near future. These consumer and technology driven changes disrupt media’s business model and challenge us to innovate it. Because from now until 2020, our business’s share of bought media will decline and owned & earned media will rise, including shared media (media from partnerships). Meanwhile the digital share of bought media will increase - so there will be a lot less bought media with a lot more digital. We should adopt this for the benefit of your clients – digital-first, always-on mind set, move to seamless trading in real-time, leverage what’s trending right now and act not as an advertiser but more as a publishing house; be always in Beta – because the digital world operates, and changes, at such speed, you can’t afford to wait until you’ve worked out all the kinks – you need to get stuff out there, improve on the fly and experiment.

Innovation are all around us, they determine our lives. “You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s tools and still be in business tomorrow”, quoted Maria the famous business saying at the end.


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