How long have you been working for Dentsu Aegis Network?
I have started to work at DAN in 2012 as a digital executive in Carat. It was a big shift in my career path which was so far in the financial sector. Previously I was working as a CFO of a pharmaceutical company and I was missing both the dynamic and the direct connection with people. When started to work as a part of the digital team in Carat I did not know anything about digital advertising and technologies. The first digital term I have heard was Impressions and I told myself it must be something related to Impressionism and Claude Monet J. Everything was so interesting and I was learning quickly and very soon I was responsible for the Mondelez digital activities. The work for this client gave me a lot of experience and knowledge not only in the digital marketing area but also influenced and improved my communication and management skills. Very soon I realized that to understand even more digital I need to learn how all media channels and marketing activities relate together. And more important how the consumer knowledge is the backbone of every strategy. I become client director and get familiar with all specifics of the offline channels and become responsible for the overall communication strategy of the DAN clients. However, I was forever addicted to digital and I was going to focus in this area a lot. During one of our global meetings in 2014 I was introduced to the Amnet services for a first time. It was a milestone meeting and my future big passion. In 2015 Amnet open its services in Bulgaria and my journey in data and tech in DAN started.

You've recently made a move – please tell us about it.
During the past two years I was developing our digital, data and tech services in the agency and I was managing our units Amnet and iProspect in Bulgaria. In 2018 it was a natural move for me to become Chief Data Officer which has become important business role, unlocking business value and influencing company strategies. They are so many data assets we are leveraging within the business in the fast-moving technology innovation in digital, mobile, data management, analytics and automation. All of these in combination with the people I work with and the supporting management I have are making my job perfectly suit to me.

What advice would give someone about changing locations or roles?
Changing a role is not something that you just decide to do. It should be something you choose to do because you are passionate about or will help in that path. I believe that everyone can learn everything if they really want.