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The future of audience targeting and addressable media has arrived

Now you can reach real people at scale in media.

M1 is Dentsu Aegis Network’s 100% people-based insights, planning, activation, and measurement platform. M1 capitalizes on the increasing scale of addressable media opportunities and the industry-wide desire for better accountability of media reach and performance, driving transformational value for clients in the following ways:

  • The M1 platform uses the industry’s only true people-based ID mapped to every US adult with over 1,000 attributes for rich insights and audience creation, including advanced segments and models. Dentsu Aegis Network’s agency media teams can plan, buy, and measure media against real people, not proxies like cookies.
  • Exclusive through the M1 platform is Publisher Addressable Marketplaces, 381 million unique people able to be targeted at a 1:1 level as known audiences across premium media owners and publishers like AOL, CBS Interactive, Pandora, and more. Publisher Addressable Marketplaces has more targetable, people-based ID’s than any leading media publisher or platform.
  • Native to the M1 platform is secure, PII-based audience matching of client CRM and/or third-party, people-based audiences to media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more, including addressable TV providers. Additionally, M1 includes integrated data onboarding to DMPs and DSPs, so people-based audiences can be seamlessly leveraged in programmatic media.
  • The M1 platform increases and de-duplicates audience reach and improves frequency measurement across premium display publishers and programmatic media.
  • On average, the M1 platform achieves 20%+ improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS) and 25%+ decreases in targeting waste from dramatically reduced fraud and addressable targeting at scale in digital media.
  • The M1 platform consolidates and creates cost efficiencies of normally fragmented and expensive third-party data providers, identity, and data matching/onboarding services. What normally takes weeks of manual processes between different teams takes minutes within the M1 platform.
  • A 100% accountable business model – pay only for impressions served to known individuals

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