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Why this matters

Our business relies on the expertise, creativity and insight our people bring to their work. There is fierce competition for talent in many of our markets, particularly in the fast-growing economies where are business is expanding rapidly. To remain competitive, we need to consistently update our knowledge and skills in areas such as digital marketing. Any level of employee turnover increases costs, reduces the ongoing potential for innovation and weakens business relationships. Added to this is the complexity of operating in countries with weak governance over human rights, corruption and bribery, and discrimination in the workplace and industry.

Our approach

We have set a bold market place target, focusing on ensuring that our employees are involved in creating the best work place in the industry. We set strategy and policy at Group-level. The strategy is implemented locally by our operating companies, both geographically by brand but also horizontally by brand, through our delivery model.

Our target

We will ensure 90% of our people understand what Future Proof means in their day-to-day job.

Our delivery model