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Why this matters

Advertisers are under more scrutiny as a result of media convergence, which has resulted in the growth of data-driven marketing, product placement, audience targeting, sponsored content and content-driven marketing. We need to be open and transparent about these new advertising practices to maintain stakeholders’ trust.

The single largest impact of advertising is the influence on consumers’ attitudes and behaviour – what brands and products they like and buy. This means advertising and marketing plays a large role in the economic life of our planet – influencing demand on a daily basis. What values are inherent in advertising and does it encourage sustainable consumption? We need to encourage advertising to look at working “for good” – not only for clients but for consumers’ lifestyles.

Our approach

We have set a bold market place target, ensuring that our people have the right tools and knowledge at their disposal to integrate CSR considerations into client work. We set strategy and policy at Group-level. The strategy is implemented locally by our operating companies, both geographically by brand but also horizontally by brand, through our delivery model.

Our metric

We use a range of metrics that measures our market place performance, but the key one is the ability of our people to integrate CSR into their day-to-day work for clients.

Our footprint

Using these metrics, we set a 2011 baseline for market place performance.


  • The value of time and knowledge of pro bono donations of our people.


  • The leverage on our pro bono activities and their impact.
  • The changing attitude and behaviour of our people.


  • The skills improved amongst employees by being involved in CSR pro bono activities.
  • The impact on new and existing client accounts.
  • The positive impact on the business such as corporate reputation and retention.

Our target

We will ensure 90% of our people understand what Future Proof means in their day-to-day job.
Using our delivery model, we will achieve this by:

  • Raising internal community awareness through our annual global social media campaigns;
  • Engaging internal and external stakeholders around our global market place programme, which leverages digital technology to take steps to reduce their energy consumption;
  • Coordinate with new business and our brands on how to engage our people to use CSR as a way to enhance client services, innovation, collaboration and trust;
  • Work with our Future Proof champions to create locally relevant training and case studies for clients.

Our delivery model