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A different agency for a changing world

360i Canada is the Canadian arm of 360i, an award-winning agency that drives results for Fortune 500 marketers by making brands culturally relevant amid the rapid pace of consumer behavior change. 360i Canada operates as a division of DentsuBos and is a highly strategic creative and media partner for clients that brings together digital specialization – in insights, strategy, social, influencer marketing, search, analytics and media – with a deep understanding of how people discover brands and share stories across all channels. 



Applying insights to create the highest engaged social community in the category

As a leading luxury automotive manufacturer Lexus faces stiff competition from the German 3.  Through our proprietary social listening process and ongoing insight development we are able to uncover insights into the true motivations of consumers. 

Using social, Lexus captivates owners of today and buyers of tomorrow by delivering access to the brand and creating excitement around the brand pillars. 

Since launch, Lexus has continuously raised the bar, setting higher and higher engagement benchmarks and leading the category in social.

Leveraging influencers to reposition Canon with millenial consumers.


Leveraging influencers to reposition Canon with millenial consumers

To connect with new consumers and showcase how cameras can be used as a tool for self-expression and creativity, we utilized influencers and our Digital Word of Mouth program DWOM ® for Canon.

Our Influencers shared their artistic process and used the T5i to capture it, generating more than 751K impressions. 

Consumers were encouraged to share their original artwork from the #TrueOriginals microsite with Canon and a select few were chosen to have their work shown at a pop-up gallery, furthering Canon’s position as a leader in creativity.



Coordinating distributors across the globe to drive significant traffic to a single entity

To help celebrate the latest iteration in technical innovation in environmentally friendly cars and the launch of the new Toyota Hydrogen fuel cell video, Toyota Global wanted to create an introductory video that could be used by distributors across the globe within their markets.   

Dominoes became the most watched video in Toyota Global history by leveraging the power of current fans and owners and coordinating a global playbook for local distributors to rally around.

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