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Redefining Media.

Carat's mission is to redefine the value of media through our command of convergence. Media convergence is bringing the point of engagement and the point of transaction closer together, thus increasing media’s contribution in delivering profitable business growth.
We see our role as a partnership, and continuously challenge the status quo; we seek to reinvent the legacy models and do things differently and better. We redefine the way we collaborate with our clients, colleagues and external partners, innovating the way our clients’ brands are built.

The Sky


The Sky 

Looking into the consumer journey when it comes to paint purchases, the cost of the product is as important as the variety of colours found in-store.

Réno-Dépôt being known for its low prices, we challenged our client to go for a strategy based on colour variety, which the brand was not recognized for.

With the collaboration of our media and creative agency partners, we contributed to develop from ground up a brand new technology that was able to identify the precise colour of the sky above the digital boards and match it to a large database of more than 1,000 colours, each one with its own signature name.

This execution positioned Réno-Dépôt as a must-stop destination for paint variety and won multiple awards including Festival of Media, The Internationalist, MIAs and Prix Media.



To highlight St-Patrick’s day, Diageo launched a mobile campaign for its Guinness brand, inviting consumers to pour themselves a perfect beer pint.

The digital portion of the campaign included a mobile application that invited users to pour a pint of Guinness with their mobile device. In addition, a microsite allowed visitors to locate bars serving Guinness nearby.

This was also the first interactive advertising deployed by a brewer, putting forward the tilt to pour interaction. The campaign also spanned outdoor advertising and television across the country.




In 2014, Desjardins introduced a brand new tool, Hop 'n S@ve. Designed for the young 18 to 35 clientele, the application enables major savings in just a few fast and fun clicks. The agency negotiated a first in radio: the segmentation of 30-second messages with 15-second contextual spots associated with savings, followed by three 2-second recalls and a 9-second conclusion. In one single commercial break!

The station also allowed the agency to exploit these different formats to associate Desjardins’ tool with the Weekly discounts! A FIRST!

And finally, what event could be more promotional than « Black Friday »? Various live offers were driven throughout the day at The Source stores. Our contextual messages were positioned right after promotional offers.

Crosby Apparel 2014


Crosby Apparel 2014

In Fall 2014, Reebok was launching their latest line of Hockey apparel, SC87, in an environment where brand loyalty is strong, premium NHL sponsorships can cost millions of dollars and the competition has much larger marketing budgets.

The campaign was supported through a contest on the Score that was promoted through mobile placements with the grand prize being a trip to Toronto to see the Maple Leafs play Crosby and the Penguins!


California Tourism

California Tourism’s brand distinction lies within its unique attitude and lifestyle, offering the best of what life has to offer.

However, Canadians have low awareness of what a vacation could be in California and do not have the destination top of mind when vacation planning. We were challenged to come up with a creative media solution in a cost efficient yet fun and engaging manner that showcased the experience pillars which make a California vacation one of a kind.

The results of the program were outstanding; the program in Canada has set a precedent for all other countries around the world in which California advertises.